Woman shares dad’s furious meltdown as she sneakily messes with his Alexa volume

When it comes to technology, some people understand it, while others, no matter how hard they try just cannot wrap their brains around it.

One woman recently shared a hilarious video of her dad losing it after struggling to turn up the volume on his Amazon Alexa device.

But little did he know, one of his daughters was playing a prank on him.

Marisa Flint, from the US, has gone viral on TikTok after posting a clip of her younger sister Jaelynn Green sneakily messing with their dad’s Alexa.

In the clip, Jaelynn records from her room as her dad yells at the device to turn the volume up to 10.

Immediately after, Jaelynn tells the Amazon Echo device in her room to turn the volume down to one.

Clearly at this point this has been going on for a while, as her dad can be heard shouting: “You stupid b***h, Alexa!!!”

He then tells Alexa to make the volume eight, while Jaelynn turns it down to one again.

This continues on, with the dad lowering the number slightly each time in hopes he’ll get his way.

“WHAT IN THE SAM HELL?! ALEXA DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO,” proclaims the parent furiously.

Meanwhile, Jaelynn, covers her mouth to stop him from hearing her laughter.

Around six million people have watched the clip so far, with it garnering thousands of comments from amused viewers.

One person said: “I like how he keeps choosing a lower volume like he’s bargaining with it and trying to compromise.”

“OMG you should do the max volume,” suggested someone else.

Another replied: “You woke up and chose evil and I am here for it.”

Others were confused about how she was controlling the device, but a different user explained that you could connect the devices on the app, while someone else suggested she might have changed the name from Alexa to Echo, so it wouldn’t work when he spoke to it.

In a follow-up video on Marisa’s account, she shows the moment her dad finally figured out what was going on.

He can be heard talking as he approaches Jaelynn’s room, saying: “You’ve got to be kidding me you little s**t.”

His daughter laughs manically, before her father informs her he will no longer be driving her to orchestra concert, instead she’ll have to walk.